Month: April 2016

BrandMeister – Text Messaging

This is not a full description of text messaging, more of a reminder that it is available. Text messaging is supported on the BrandMeister network and you are encouraged to experiment with it. Text messaging is not a store-and-forward system. The recipient does need to have their radio on and tuned to a BrandMeister repeater […]

BrandMeister – The Hose and Scanning

The BrandMeister Hose has been updated to include scanning capabilities.  When you go to The Hose, you will now see a new “Scanner” option on the menu. Clicking the “Scanner” button will show you a list of talkgroups.  Put in the talkgroups you would like to listen to and click “Apply”  The scanner will start […]

BrandMeister – Setting Up GPS

The BrandMeister servers have a gateway to for location information. Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well.  Basic settings can be found at You will need to update the ARS Radio ID based on your country. See the country specific page on the BrandMeister wiki for […]

BrandMeister – The Hose

The Hose is a combination of a Listen Now and Audio Test.  You can listen to active talkgroups to decide about adding them to your code plug.  You can also test your audio.  See how it compares to the audio of others.

BrandMeister – Last Heard List

BrandMeister maintains a Last Heard list. This is a real-time list of all activity on the network.