Month: August 2017

Pi-Star 3.4.3 mk II or is it 3.4.4?

The Pi-Star team created a new version of 3.4.3…I think it was supposed to be 3.4.4, as there is a new image with this version number and nothing in the changelog.

What’s New with Pi-Star 3.4.3?

I’ve been using the Pi-Star image for my hotspots. I like this setup. It uses the same MMDVM and related software as most of the other images. The difference is how they package it and the tools provided for setup and operation. In their latest release (3.4.3 released on 09-Aug-2017) you will find some nice […]

Photography in the now
Photography in the now

Here is a short article about photography. I’m hoping to build it up in the near future. asd ad asd