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DMR Last Heard

The Last Heard application allows the user to see recent connections to a C-Bridge.  In the list is information about the radio, repeater, talk group, and the quality of the connection.

List View


The list shows call duration, the radio, talk group, RSSI and Packet Loss.  Is is refreshed on demand only.  This was done to reduce burden on the C-Bridge.  The list can be refreshed by pulling down on the list.

Selecting an item on the list allows the user to see details.

Detail View


The detail view shows all of the information about a call.  Details can be shared to other apps.  This is convenient if you want to share someone’s connection quality, or save a reminder to contact this person again.

Settings View


The settings allows you to select the C-Bridge you’d like to see activity for.  If you are a C-Bridge administrator and would like to have your C-Bridge added, please contact me.

You can also set your radio ID here.  This will cause your records to be highlighted in the list view.

Get it on Google Play

If you have suggestions, or find problems, please contact me directly.

73 – Michael

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