Regional Talkgroups for BrandMester

The BrandMeister team has introduced a set of regional talkgroups. This are similar to the ones we had on C-Bridge. BrandMeister has added the following US Regional Talk Groups:

Ham Radio / Programmer Friendly Fonts

For most people being able to see the difference between the capital letter “O” and a zero is a matter of context. You simply don’t see a letter in the middle of a phone number, […] Read More

microSD Cards Are Small

microSD cards are really small.  To make matters worse, I have large fingers and I keep my fingernails short. Trying to get these out of some devices is difficult.  Sometimes just holding onto them is […] Read More

ATC Circuit Breakers

RIGrunners from West Mountain Radio are great.  I have several of them.  But, I also feel the need to carry a pouch of extra fuses. I have seen people plug their power source into the […] Read More


Emergency Communications, or EMCOM, is a significant element of amateur radio.  As new voice modes are added there is always interest in using the latest technology. DMR on the Brandmeister network has taken a major […] Read More