Handheld Mobile

I have done a variety of things for mobile ops over the years. Currently, I’m using a handheld in my car as I haven’t taking the time to mount a mobile yet. I’ve also used […] Read More

BrandMeister – Text Messaging

This is not a full description of text messaging, more of a reminder that it is available. Text messaging is supported on the BrandMeister network and you are encouraged to experiment with it. Text messaging […] Read More

BrandMeister – The Hose and Scanning

The BrandMeister Hose has been updated to include scanning capabilities.  When you go to The Hose, you will now see a new “Scanner” option on the menu. Clicking the “Scanner” button will show you a […] Read More

BrandMeister – Setting Up GPS

The BrandMeister servers have a gateway to APRS.fi for location information. Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well.  Basic settings are listed at https://wiki.brandmeister.network/index.php/Motorola/Radios. You will need to […] Read More

BrandMeister – The Hose

The Hose is a combination of a Listen Now and Audio Test.  You can listen to active talkgroups to decide about adding them to your code plug.  You can also test your audio.  See how […] Read More