Parking Head Out

I came across an article recently that talked about the the number of people in Hawaii that back into their parking spaces. It’s a very large percentage of drivers that do this. There are lots of suspicions as to why this is done. Some say it’s safer when pulling out, others say is has to […]

Moving Forward

My first post on dealing with depression seemed to get a lot of attention. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand it is great to know I have a lot of support out there. On the other hand, I was surprised and a little taken back by how many people are suffering […]

I’ve Come to a Decision

Since about 1995 I have had a Yahoo account. The only email I get there is spam, or someone in Ohio who keeps using my address. I do have a couple of Yahoo groups I will miss, but not that much. I have always hated the way Yahoo groups work, it’s just too hard to […]

Difficult Times

Today, I’m in an odd place. I had a long weekend filled with activity. Now, I’m finding myself in a place filled with frustration and apathy.

A New PD362? Yes, There Is!

The Hytera PD362 is a great radio that has been around for a while now. Hytera did some internal upgrades and the new version offers some new features that will appeal to amateur radio operators.