Journaling for Personal Growth

I try to write in a journal from time-to-time. I like how it makes me feel, it forces me to think through my challenges and issues so I can put them into words. Here’s a big question – paper or computer? I’ve done both. I like the feel of pen on paper. I also like […]

Getting Started – Blogging My Life

Over the years there have been a few blogs I’ve followed where people blog about their lives. Their successes, failures, issues, and rewards. The author of one such blog recently decided to stop sharing her life. I never met her, or even interacted with her in anyway. I still feel a loss. Earlier today I […]

USB-C Cable
USB-C Charging

There are many USB charging standards. How do you know which is right for your phone? This is a difficult topic to discuss. Let’s talk about USB-C, the new reversible connector and how charging works with this standard.

A Snowballs Chance – AWS Storage

You’ve decided to move your hosting to Amazon Web Services (or AWS), but you have amny gigs of data to move up there. Do you upload it or send a hard drive? Or do you have enough data that you need to send multiple hard drives? What if you have 40 GB to send? How […]

ChromeOS on your TV

Have you been thinking about ChromeOS? This might be an easy way for you to get started.