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Hytera Updates Soon

Hytera notified it’s dealers about some updates that are coming soon. How soon? Not sure, but I assume there will be updated firmware arriving July or August, 2018. I will post again when the firmware […] Read More

Using DMR Reflectors on BrandMeister

In the early days of DMR, mostly in Europe, DMR repeaters used the DMR+ network. This network is reflector based, much like how D-STAR works. Before getting very far into the discussion, it is important […] Read More

A New PD362? Yes, There Is!

The Hytera PD362 is a great radio that has been around for a while now. Hytera did some internal upgrades and the new version offers some new features that will appeal to amateur radio operators.


Emergency Communications, or EMCOM, is a significant element of amateur radio. ¬†As new voice modes are added there is always interest in using the latest technology. DMR on the Brandmeister network has taken a major […] Read More

BrandMeister – Last Heard List

BrandMeister maintains a Last Heard list. This is a real-time list of all activity on the network.