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Pryme Wireless Speaker Mic + Intercom

The idea here is simple.  Free yourself from the microphone cord while you’re in the car.  You connect the little box to your radio, then you can use the speaker mic to hear and talk on the radio. Interesting, but let’s go a little further.  Let’s say you are working an event and you have […]

Pryme Quick Disconnect For Speaker-Mics and Headsets

If you are like me you’ve purchased a number of different handheld radios over the years.  It’s always nice to have some accessories for your radios, a speaker-mic or headset is a really nice addition when working events. Personally, I like to have a stealth-style headset.  It allows me to hear the radio in a […]

Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES)

Over the course of the last 20 years the communications systems used by public emergency services organizations (law enforcement and fire) have become very sophisticated and highly reliable.  Many of these organizations don’t see the value of amateur radio.  What they fail to consider is their need to communicate with outside organizations during a major […]

Timeout Timers on Hytera DMR Radios

Most radios have time out timers, or TOT.  They are there to protect the radio, and to protect resources like repeaters and links. A timeout timer will stop the radio from transmitting if the PTT is held down for too long.  How long is too long?  Well, that’s up to each operator.  I use 60 […]