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Hytera 8.05 – What’s New?

There are a number of new features in the release notes for v8.05 of the Hytera CPS and firmware. I will not cover the trunking features, just the features that apply to amateur radio.

Hytera vs Motorola GPS

Do you use APRS? Have you tried using it with a modern dual-band radio? It works well with D-STAR. For DMR it works a little different, it’s even different between radio manufacturers. Learn more about […] Read More

BrandMeister – Setting Up GPS

The BrandMeister servers have a gateway to APRS.fi for location information. Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well.  Basic settings are listed at https://wiki.brandmeister.network/index.php/Motorola/Radios. You will need to […] Read More

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