The BrandMeister servers have a gateway to for location information. Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well.  Basic settings are listed at You will need to update the ARS Radio ID based on your country. See the country specific page on the BrandMeister wiki for details. For the US this is

This is a summary of the settings for Motorola Radios

General Settings
  • GPS: On
Network Settings
  • CAI Network: 12
  • ARS Radio ID: 310999 (this depends on the master)

 Prefered channel settings

  • ARS: On System/Site Change
  • Enhanced GPS: Off
  • Compressed UDP Data Header: Standard DMR
  • GPS Revert: Selected
  • Data Call Confirmed: On
  • CSBK Data: Off

General Settings:

Network Settings

Because GPS takes a lot of power you may want to turn off the GPS when you don’t need it running.  This is easiest if you program a button to turn GPS on and off.

General channel settings – set ARS to “On System/Site Change” and Compressed UDP Data Header to DMR Standard.

In the TX settings for your channel set GPS Revert to Selected, Data Call Confirmed to On, and CSBK Data to Off.

You will need to do this for each channel on the BrandMeister repeater.

After setting up your radio you will need to configure the gateway so your location information is forwarded from the BrandMeister network to the servers.  This is done on the BrandMeister website. Go to and click the “Register” button in the menu. Fill out the “Account Details” form and click “Register”. You will need to wait for a confirmation email, but it usually comes quickly.

After your account is activate, go back to the site and login. Click your profile, then click “Self-Care”.

This page will allow you to setup your APRS information for each of your DMR IDs. It is important you select the Motorola as your brand, then you can set the others as you see fit.

Once this is done go out and have some fun, drive around, do stuff, see people, then check