The idea here is simple.  Free yourself from the microphone cord while you’re in the car.  You connect the little box to your radio, then you can use the speaker mic to hear and talk on the radio.

Interesting, but let’s go a little further.  Let’s say you are working an event and you have to get out of your car from time to time.  You can take the speaker-mic with you.  It is a SPEAKER-mic after all.  It also has a clip on the back so you can clip it to your clothing…very convenient.  The specs say you should get a range of about 50 meters.

Now, let’s say you were working an event with another person in the vehicle.  Each of you has your own speaker-mic.  While you’re out of the vehicle you discover you need the other person to bring something.  No problem.  You just press the intercom PTT instead of the radio PTT and you can talk to the other person.

I could see this working really well for ambulance drivers, paramedics, even team truck drivers.  Any situation where multiple people could be separated and still need to talk to each other.

Pryme has cable for most of the popular commercial radios as well as an unterminated cable for use with other models.

To summarize.  Wireless speaker-mic for your mobile radio…check.  Wireless intercom…check. Perty cool.  Nice job Pryme.

The speaker-mic comes with a nice charging base that you drop it into for charging.  They have a wall plug and an optional 12v plug.  I kind of think it should be the other way around…it is a MOBILE device after all.

Pricing.  The base station module (DWS-100B) is $225 and the speaker-mic (DWS-100M) is $199.

“Base Station Module” is a horrible name, I think “Radio Interface Unit” would be better.  But, who am I?

I was able to see these products at their Brea, Ca offices today.  Pryme tells me they are ready to take orders although I don’t see them on the web site.

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