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Put a UPS on your ZUMspot

The Raspberry Pi is a great board for many projects. But, do you want to use yours disconnected, while on the move? This has always presented a challenge, not a big challenge because portable USB batteries are easy to come by. But, creating a small package that is easy to manage is a little harder. […]

Take a Moment and Get Closer

Taking photos with your phone can be extremely rewarding. It is always with you, it takes surprisingly good photos, and you can share them with others easily. This is a hard combo to beat. Sometimes, however, your phone needs a little help. I frequently want to shoot a little closer than my camera will allow. […]

I’ve Come to a Decision

Since about 1995 I have had a Yahoo account. The only email I get there is spam, or someone in Ohio who keeps using my address. I do have a couple of Yahoo groups I will miss, but not that much. I have always hated the way Yahoo groups work, it’s just too hard to […]