Taking photos with your phone can be extremely rewarding. It is always with you, it takes surprisingly good photos, and you can share them with others easily.

This is a hard combo to beat.

Sometimes, however, your phone needs a little help. I frequently want to shoot a little closer than my camera will allow. When I picked up a Pixel 2 XL, I decided it was time to do something about that.

I’ve been looking at the Moment lenses for a while. They look really nice, well built, securely mounted, and require no modifications for the phone. Not even a magnetic ring glued to the back.

How do they do this? They make phone cases for some of the most popular phones (Google, Samsung, and Apple). This case is designed with a bayonet mount around the camera. I can insert a lens into the case, give it a quarter-tune, it’s now locked securely in place and I can get to work.

They make four lenses: fisheye, wide, telephoto, and macro. I have the macro.

To test the macro I took a picture with just the phone and got as close as the phone would focus (photo on left). After attaching the macro lens, I was able to touch the defuser hood onto the surface of the radio and still focus. You can see the result on the right.

These photos are uncropped and taken in the same lighting conditions. The add-on macro lens makes a significant difference. You should also notice the quality of the light. The macro lens has a defuser ring around the lens that gives a nice soft light on the subject.

I’m impressed and will do more work with this lens. Next will probably be the telephoto. There was a great moon rise a couple of days ago that looked horrible from my phone, a telephoto would have made a big difference.

The case is available with a wood or black canvas look.

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