Have you been thinking about ChromeOS? This might be an easy way for you to get started.

Google announced a new type of ChromeOS device called a Chromebit. This is an HDMI dongle that turns your TV into a ChromeOS device. This first device is from ASUS, but we are told to expect similar devices from others. They are listed at $100 and will be available this Summer.

Something I like about this is it’s portability. I could take a Chromebit on a trip and plug it into a TV in my hotel room. Or, an extra monitor when visiting someone’s office.

I am a little concerned about power, keyboard, and mouse…there is one USB port on the device…how do I connect all my stuff?

There is no mention of Bluetooth, but hopefully it’s supported.

Gizmodo has some additional images in their post (http://goo.gl/L2lD0Y)

The official Chrome Blog post can be found here: http://goo.gl/ptBUZ8