Does listening to your radio while watching TV bother your significant other?  What about a a restaurant? The Hytera EHW02 headset is great solution.

Hytera EHW02 headset
Hytera EHW02 headset

If you have a Hytera radio with Bluetooth, this is a great device. For example, the PD982 and X1P have Bluetooth and there is a Bluetooth adapter for the PD782 and PD652. Pairing is a snap, and it connects to the radio very quickly. I found it works best to have the radio on first.

The device itself is larger than most Bluetooth headsets, this is to make room for not one, but two, PTT buttons. There is a large one on the front and a small one on the side. There are also up/down volume buttons and a multi-function button. The device charges with a micro USB.

The device layout is good and it has a tactical look.

Back to the two PTT buttons. The Hytera software allows you to use multiple PTTs with different actions on each. For example, the primary would make a call on the selected channel and the other would make call on the emergency channel.

The only problem I have is with the volume. The ear tips don’t make a good seal in my ear, so I hear background noise. I can’t turn the volume up enough to compensate. This is only an occasional issue for me. Had I known this before purchasing the headset, I still would have purchased it.

I like this device, I can listen to my radio while I’m at a restaurant or coffee shop and not bother others. The microphone seems to work well, reports have been good.

I’m not using it, but this headset comes with a set of earloops in addition to a set of ear tips.