I’ve had a ZUMspot since before they were actually released. I never found a case I really liked. Until now. C4Labs makes great cases and they now have a case specifically for this ZUMspot.

UPDATE: Available for the Pi 3 as well!

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The case itself is a bunch of layers you put together to form the case. You do not need any standoffs, the case will support the two boards.

Here are a couple of pictures that show how the kit packaging and parts.

  C4Labs ZUMspot case assembly directions

C4Labs ZUMspot case info

C4Labs ZUMspot case parts

C4Labs ZUMspot case small parts

This photo shows the kit partially assembled. There are only two parts that are challenging. Removing the protective paper from the parts and there are these two small corner pieces that keep rotating to the wrong place. Overall, it was a nice project.

C4Labs case partially assembled

And finally, here are some before and after pics so you can see how the case looks and do a size comparison.

ZUMspot with and without case - top view

ZUMspot with and without case - side view

C4Labs ZUMspot case assembled

C4Labs ZUMspot case dimensions

C4Labs ZUMspot case before and after

While assembling the case, I discovered there wasn’t a place for the display connectors to come out. I removed part of one layer and was able to get my connector out. Be careful if you try this mod, the plastic is very brittle. Just take your time, or use a Dremel-type tool.

C4Labs ZUMspot case mod for display connector

C4Labs ZUMspot case mod for display connector


C4Labs ZUMspot case mod for display connector


I like this case and recommend it to others. If you are so inclined, please use the link below. This sends a little commission my way to help cover the cost of the blog and toy purchases to write about. Let me know if you have any questions.