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DMR Nets

The following list is a summary of nets available for DMR users on BrandMeister repeaters.
You should check with your local repeater operator for timeslot usage.

DMR Nets last modified December 1, 2023

Alabama DMR Emergency Net [link]Sun15:00 CSTAlabama 3101
Arkansas SkywarnThu20:00 ESTArkansas 3105
Arkansas Statewide [link]Thu21:00 CSTArkansas 3105
BM Worldwide Net []Sat16:00 UTCWorldwide 91
Canada DMR NetTue20:00 PDTCanada English 3026
Canada DMR [link]Sun21:00 ESTCanada 302
Coffee Net [link]Mon, Wed, Fri07:00-09:00 ESTTreasure Coast 31123
Colorado HD Net [link]Tue19:30 MSTColorado HD 31088
Connecticut StatewideSun20:30 ESTConnecticut 3109
Crossroads IndianaMon18:00 CSTCrossroads Statewide
Digital Youth Net [link]Fri, Sat, Sun18:45 CST96
DMR Tech NetMon19:45 ESTMichigan 3126
DMR Utah NetWed18:00 MSTUtah 3149
DV Scotland PhoenixMon20:00 UKUK Wide 23556
EPARA DMR Rag Chew NetWed19:30 EST3149822
Florida Keys Preparedness [link]Tue19:00 EST3121536
Georgia Statewide DMR Net [link]Wed20:00 ESTGeorgia 3113
Gulf Coast DMR NetThu19:00 CSTGulf Coast DMR 31011
Handiham Net linkWed
19:00 CST
11:00 CST
Happy Hour NetWeekdays17:00 PSTOregon 3141
Hawaii Net (all islands)Sat19:00 HSTHawaii 311551
Hawaii Newsline NetSun17:00 HSTHawaii 3115
Idaho StatewideTue19:00 MSTIdaho 3116
IECRO [link]Sun19:30 GMTIECRO 98007
Illinois Digital NetWed20:30 CSTIllinois Link 31171
Indiana Statewide [link]Tue20:00 ESTIndiana 3118
INTERMAR maritime mobile [link]Daily08:00Z and 16:30ZWorldwide Maritime 9101
Iowa Statewide NetSun19:30 CSTIowa 3119
K1QA Amatuer Radio Society)Thu, Sun21:00 EST3120900
K5TAL TALARC Digital Voice NetWed19:00 CSTQuadnet 31012
Kentucky NetThu20:00 ESTKentucky 3121
Louisiana NetThu20:00 CSTLouisiana 3122
LVRA / HXO DMR NetWed18:35 PSTHXO 31325
MichiganOne DMR NetMon20:30 ESTMichigan 3126
Mid Atlantic DMR NetThu20:00 ESTMaryland 3124
Midnight NetSun21:00 PSTTAC-310 310
Minnesota StatewideWed19:00 CSTMinnesota 3127
Missouri DMR NetWed19:30 CSTMissouri 3129
Munich Net (Germany)Tue19:00 Central European TimeRegion M√ľnchen
New Jersey Em Com Team (NJECT) [link]Thu19:00 ESTNJ State 3134
New Jersey State NetThu19:00 ESTNew Jersey 3134
Night Owls NetFri22:00 ESTSouthwest Virginia 31513
NorCal [link]Thu19:00 PSTNorCal 31068
North America Tech NetWed18:00 PSTNorth America 93
North Star Digital Net [link]Tue20:00 ESTSTEM 31630
Ohio Statewide NetWed20:30 ESTOhio 3139
OklahomaMon20:15 CSTOklahoma 3140
Oregon Statewide [link]Mon19:00 PSTOregon 3141
Pafos Club diginetWed18:00 UTCPaphos 2806
PAPA DMR Roundtable [link]Mon20:00 PSTPAPA Chat 31077
PAPA Technical Round
Table (cross-mode)
Thu20:00 PSTPAPA Bridge 31078
PDMR 5153 Weekly Net [link]Sat19:00 PSTCluzon 5153
Pennsylvania Statewide [link]Tue20:00 ESTPennsylvania 3142
Philippine Net
(Tagalog and English)
Sun13:00 UTCPhilippine 5151
PNW Not A Net [link]Wed19:00 PSTPNWR 31771
Radio Astronomy NetThu09:30 UTC50540
Reddit DMR NetThu21:30 ESTReddit 98003
Reddit NetMon20:00 ESTReddit 98003
RVing HamsMon21:00 ESTKC2RC WIRESX
SNARS DMR Net [link]Tue20:00 PSTSNARS 31328
Southeast Florida Net [link]Sun20:00 EST311037
Southern Tier NY DMR NetSat19:00 ESTSouthern Tier NY 31367
The GuildFri14:00 PSTThe Guild 31674
Tidewater DMR NetThu21:00 ESTTidewater VA 31515
Upper Peninsula NetSun18:30 ETUP 31268
Virginia Statewide DMR NetWed20:00 ESTVirginia 3151
Wales DMR RagchewSat19:30 GMTWales 2356

If you see anything that needs to be updated, added, or removed please let me know.

Please note, I am only listing nets available on the BrandMeister network.

If you would like to add a net, please fill out the fields below. If you are sending a correction or comment, fill out only what is needed.