microSD cards are really small.  To make matters worse, I have large fingers and I keep my fingernails short.

Trying to get these out of some devices is difficult.  Sometimes just holding onto them is a challenge.

As an example, I setup a DVMega in a DHAP case (link).  The microSD card is recessed into the case and I can’t reach it.  I end up using a tool to pull out the card.  To deal with this I created a technique to make the card easier to handle.

Using my label maker and some 1/4″ tape I made a label and attached it to the microSD like a flag. This flag hangs out of the case and makes it easy for me to pull the card when needed.

This has the added benefit of allowing me to label the cards.  I was experimenting with different images, so I created different labels to make identifying the cards easier.
I found this technique handy with my GoPro as well.
I hope you find this tip helpful