Repeater Report / Text Message

BrandMeister recently added a new feature. This feature allows you to send a text message and get a repeater report that includes the active talkgroups on the repeater you are using.

Here are the details:

  1. Start a message
  2. The body of the message should be “RPT”.
  3. Send the message to 262994. This needs to be entered as a private call.

The server will send back a message that looks something like the following:

Hi Michael, WA6LIF PAPA has the following static TGs:


and the following dynamic TGs:

I have had some issues with this, it’s not 100% yet. Sometimes it won’t let me send the message, other times I get no response.

1 thought on “Repeater Report / Text Message”

  1. Ed Wright says:

    … and it works on the TERA TR 7400.
    tnx Michael

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