There are a number of new features in the release notes for v8.05 of the Hytera CPS and firmware. I will not cover the trunking features, just the features that apply to amateur radio.


Single Frequency Repeat (SFR)

SFR is not new in this release, it was originally released for only the PD982. This release makes it available to duplex capable mobiles as well. SFR requires a license.

Full Duplex Call

This is exactly what it sounds like, a full duplex call. You can talk and listen at the same time. This mode is only available in direct (simplex or talk around) mode. This mode is only available on PD982 and MD782 Duplex radios (not released). Full Duplex requires a license.

Dual-Slot Data Transmission

In this mode the radio can send data using both timeslots, this increases the data rate to about 2.2Kbit/S.

Mid-Power Level

Typically radios have a low and high power setting only. This feature add a mid power level of 2 watts to the PD982. This power level is currently not available on other radios, hopefully that will change in the future.

Search by Multiple Letters

In the past, Hytera radios have allowed users to search lists by using the keypad on their radio. But, it would only search the first character. This feature now allows a search by multiple characters. The new search is available on Contacts, Messages, Scan Lists, Roam Lists, Zones, and Channels. I have missed this feature from my Motorola radios.

Channel Alias

Allows a user to provide a custom name for a channel. You could use this to override a channel name without having to modify a code plug.

Record Feature

The PD982’s recording feature has been enhanced in this release to include:

  • Automatic deletion – when the microSD card becomes full, the radio will delete the oldest recordings to make room for new recordings
  • There is now an on-screen icon displayed when the microSD card is almost full
  • File names have been updated to include the date each recording was made
  • Recordings can now be compressed, to save space on the microSD card

Auto Add Contacts

This is an extension of the Talker Alias feature. If you are able to receive Talker Alias (via a hytera repeater, MMDVM repeater or hostspot, or an OpenSpot), and the calling radio’s ID is not in your contacts, the radio will now add that contact to your list. This way it will be in there when you move to a repeater that doesn’t support Talker Alias. This feature must be enabled in Conventional -> Digital Common -> Basic -> Miscellaneous -> Auto Add Contacts.

Call Location

Yes, that’s right, this feature will allow your radio to display the calling radio’s location. There are a lot of restrictions on how this works, but it does work on BrandMeister.

The calling radio must meet the following criteria for this to work:

  • The signal must be coming in through a Hytera repeater
  • The radio must be setup according to the release notes
  • BrandMeister SelfCare needs to have the Hytera brand and In-Call GPS enabled

Location information can be displayed on the receiving radio in three different ways:

  • Compass Rose (16 points) and distance – NE 12 miles
  • Compass Heading and distance – 45° 12 miles
  • Lat / Lon

Displaying Received Message Content

Normally when messages are received there is an alert and an icon on the display. When this feature is enabled, the radio will display received messages immediately. This is great when you are requesting weather or GPS information from BrandMeister.

Radio UI

The radio UI is optimized in this release including:

  • When the knob is used to adjust the volume, volume level (0-16) is added to indicate the value
  • The radio ID and radio alias can be displayed on the Home Screen
  • Pictures are converted to animation display
  • The maximum frequency of the User Defined Tone rises from 2500Hz to 2800Hz

One Touch Call/Menu

Two new options have been added to the One Touch Call menu, Operation Mode Switch and Radio Silent.


Analog IP Multi-site Connect

Hytera repeaters can be operated in dual mode where the repeater will switch between analog and digital as needed. Unlike Motorola repeaters, no additional license is required for this mode.

This new feature allows analog transmissions to be shared with other repeaters using the same IP Multi-Site protocol as DMR uses. This is a licensed feature.

It should be noted that BrandMeister does not support analog. It is unclear if they will add this functionality or how that functionality will manifest. Regardless, I hope it is added and we have a means to create clusters of analog repeaters.

Dual-Slot Data Transmission

This is to match the similarly named radio feature mentioned above.

CTCSS Deviation

Repeater owners can now adjust the deviation of CTCSS tones on the repeater

TX Radio Interrupted in case of TOT timeout

This is a complicated name for a great feature. With v8.05 on both the repeater and radio, the repeater can now send a command (over the air) to shut down a transmitting radio when the repeater’s time-out-timer has expired. NOTE: This will only work with Hytera radios running v8.05.

Software / CPS

Programming among Different Radios

This feature allows programming to move between similar radios in the same frequency range. Specifically mentioned are PD6, PD7, and PD9 radios.