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DV4Mini Update

I purchased a DV4Mini when they first came out and offered BrandMeister support. In the time since, the company has been slow with support and not interested in supporting BrandMeister.

As BrandMeister is my platform of choice I can no longer recommend this product.

If you need a hotspot, look at the ZUMspot or the OpenSpot.

Please look into a different device for your hotspot needs.

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  • Bill

    From what I’ve read I think the SharkRF is probably the best bang for your money for home use. Everything I’ve read has said its rock solid.

    I’m personally in the market for picking up the DVMega with the Bluestack board. In my opinion I think this one is the best one for mobile usage, although a bit expensive. It has the added bonus of easily going in the shack by a flick of the Bluetooth/USB switch. No need to mess with wireless hot spots and such, just pairs up to your phone via bluetooth!! Down side, you do have to run the BlueDV software on your phone and or PC. Upside, while mobile if you have your phone mounted you can see all your traffic/talkgroup IDs at a glance.

  • David

    The dv4mini will do Brandmeister. You have to use join brandmeister and link your dongle to their network. It isn’t easy but I did it.

    • Michael

      Yes, the DV4Mini does work. There are better alternatives however.

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