A new version of Pi-Star is now showing up on Pi-Star installs. The release notes are below.

24-Feb-2018 **Version 3.4.10**

  • NXDN has now been added to MMDVMHost, there is no NXDN Gateway service
    yet, it will be coming soon. In the mean time the service has been hard coded to use the single public reflector for you to start using the service. Keep in mind
    that NXDN IDs are 2 bytes long, 0-65533.
  • P25Gateway & P25Parrot upgraded to the current release. This fixes
    a very minor long-standing P25Parrot bug, it also removes the
    logging requirement for the P25Parrot, removing the need for
    Pi-Star to maintain patches for the build process.
  • YSFGateway & YSF25Parrot upgraded to the current release. This fixes
    a small update that removes the logging requirement for the
    YSFParrot, removing the need for Pi-Star to maintain patches for
    the build process.
  • While working on this I found a related bug in the way that Pi-Star
    implements the YSFParrot that caused me some issues while testing
    the YSF2DMR. YSFParrot service handler and config have now been sorted
  • YSF2DMR binary has now been included, along with service handlers, this is
    now fully integrated into Pi-Star.
  • As usual these are all accompanied by MANY dashboard improvements…

Yes, you read that right, NXDN is now supported. There is just one reflector, but more will follow. Here is the configuration for NXDN:

PI-Star NXDN Config

The YSF Configuration section has some new settings. To use DMR, in Wires-X mode change the reflector to YSF 00002.

Pi-Star YSF2DMR Configuration


Andrew also posted about some of the features coming up:

3.5.0 Status – Delayed waiting for Raspbian Kernel update (4.9.48 should resolve the issues I have – waiting for that to be released as stable).

Working on:

  • eMMC support in Odroid image


  • Make DStarRepeater dashboard more like MMDVMHost dash – Complete in the dashboard on the next major release.
  • Port PiStar-Remote to DStarRepeater too – unified remote control.
  • XRF host file update method (to use DPlus protocol or not)
  • USB Tethering
  • DMRGateway Upgraded

Next on the list:

  • Better screen support – Support for the Adafruit Pi-Plate, have this working, needs dashboard integration.
  • Add on-board tools for the Nextion – screen updating (probably in 3.5.0 release).
  • Bluetooth PAN – Allow incoming Bluetooth local area network connection, to allow setup over Bluetooth from your phone, this should help the road warriors out there.
  • Add multi-port option for web server, so that it can stay on 80 for local access but provide an alternate port for firewalls that can’t handle port translation on port forwards.
  • Add user selection of dashboard color scheme.
  • Add Static IP option on the dashboard.
  • Crontab editor

To see the latest release notes and get the most current software, go to http://www.pistar.uk/downloads/