From time to time I get asked about the best frequencies for use with Hotspots. I decided to dig into this get some answers.

I started by looking at the information available from my local frequency allocation organization, SCRRBA. I couldn’t find anything listed, so I sent them an email.

They gave me two frequencies, 441.500 and 441.520. These are identified as “Simplex Digital (packet) 16khz BW – no voice”. The “packet” and “no voice” threw me a little.

SCRRBA Freq Allocation

If you have a duplex hotspot you can use one of the test pairs (446.860- and 446.880-). Be aware, there are lots of repeaters in SoCal using these frequencies.

If you are not in Southern California you should check with your local frequency coordination group as this will probably be different for you.

For example, I looked at Arizona and found 441.500 is a repeater control channel. In general they don’t coordinate simplex channels.