Olympus came out with a grip for the Pen-F, as they have for many of their other cameras.  I was a little upset they didn’t have the vertical camera controls like they do for my EM-5.  This is something I use a lot when doing street photography.

The Olympus grip is good.  It’s compact and gives me a better grip on the camera.  They also included an Arca-Swiss compatible dovetail on the bottom. This works very nicely with my Really Right Stuff tripod head.

Then, I found out Really Right Stuff has an L-Plate for the Pen-F.  How much different could it be?  Well, I found out.

  • it’s an L-Plate.  I can put in on the tripod in either portrait or landscape. The L-Plate is far enough forward that I can still swing out the display.
  • The dovetail runs the entire length of the plate.  I didn’t even notice this on the Olympus plate, but the dovetail stops at the grip.
  • The grip is larger and more sculpted.
  • The RRS plate includes a place to store the hex key needed to remove the plate.
  • The RRS plate includes a hole for a magpul quick disconnect, a cool, tactical strap mount.

Both plates give you full access to the battery compartment, although with my large fingers I find it difficult to get to the SD card.

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