AnyTone has released new firmware for the D868. This new version, 2.32, allows users to send GPS location data to Brandmeister who will then forward it to This is a big deal.

Your dealer will be able to give you the new firmware, Anytone does not have a direct download.

Here is the full list of new functionality:

  1. The display font has been updated to display the number zero with a slash. This will make it easier to distinguish from the letter “O”.
  2. There is now a means to assign a talkgroup to a new channel. This is done from the menu, choose Talk Group -> TG List -> Select -> Select Contact.
  3. Resolved the time error problem in the Last Call List. Accessed by Menu -> Call Log -> Last Call -> Last Call List
  4. When using the up/down keys to change zones the speed has been improved.
  5. The Last Heard display can now be preserved when changing channels. To change this setting in CPS go to Optional Setting -> Display -> CH Switching Keeps Last Caller.
  6. Location reporting has been added to the radio and CPS.

There are some notes about using the Location Service (APRS).

  1. When the radio is transmitting or receiving location data, the radio will not respond to other operations. The transmit cycle for location data is very short and should not be used in normal service.
  2. Location services may work better for some users than others. Sending location data is known to work on Hytera repeaters, Pi-Star based multi-mode repeaters, and hotspots. At this time, it does not work well on Motorola repeaters. Please know that AnyTone is working to improve the firmware in this area.
  3. Location services must be configured with CPS. There is no user interface on the radio for this feature.
  4. Before Location Services can send your location the radio’s GPS must have a position lock. Make sure you page the red location pin before testing.
  5. Sending location data may be interrupted if the time slot is in use (voice traffic).

If you didn’t see the updates in the previous version, here are the updates in 2.31:

  1. You can not set a start-up channel. This allows you to set a channel the radio will tune to every time the radio is powered up. In CPS select Optional Setting -> Power-on and select the desired channel.
  2. You can now change the contact on a channel. To do this goto Menu -> Settings -> Chan Set -> Select Contact.
  3. Channels can be added and removed.
    1. Create Channel: long press the menu key. When you see “Next Please Press Dial Key”, press P1. The radio will now enter New Channel Setup.
    2. Delete Channel:┬álong press the menu key. When you see “Next Please Press Dial Key”, press P2. The radio will delete the channel.