I try to write in a journal from time-to-time. I like how it makes me feel, it forces me to think through my challenges and issues so I can put them into words.

Here’s a big question – paper or computer? I’ve done both. I like the feel of pen on paper. I also like using the computer. So, I do a little of each.

How often to you write in your journal? For me it goes in spurts. I may write daily for a while, then not come back for a month. I don’t think there is an optimal interval. Write when you need to write. Get it out of your head so you can move on.

Do you go back and read your journal? Yes, I do. Sometimes I don’t even remember what I wrote. Issues that were important to me then are just not there any longer. I highly recommend this practice. You can even journal about the experience.

My favorite journaling app is Journey (https://journey.cloud/). This app is simple and easy to use. The free version does everything I need it to do, but I upgraded to premium on one of my devices…just to show some support. It’s available on most platforms and your journal is sync’d across your devices.

What are your journalling experiences? Share in the comments.