The Hytera PD362 is a great radio that has been around for a while now. Hytera did some internal upgrades and the new version offers some new features that will appeal to amateur radio operators.

What is this new functionality? With the latest firmware that supports both versions of the radio you get:

  • Radio Registration Service (RRS)
  • Radio Check
  • Alert Call
  • Mixed Mode Receive

The large MCU radio adds the following:

  • Emergency Alarm (TX)
  • Work Orders

The primary difference between the old version and the new version is the size of the MCU (microcontroller unit). Hytera refers to them as the Small MCU and Large MCU versions. The only way to figure out which MCU you have is to look at the label in the battery compartment. You will see the factory loaded firmware version (something like “A1.04.14.001”). If your radio has “A1.04.14.002” or lower, you have the small MCU version of the radio. If your radio has “A1.04.14.003” or higher, you have the large CPU version.

PD362 Version Label

The small MCU version of the radio will stop getting upgrades at 1.60.

The large MCU version will also have some licensed features, most are not very interesting to amateur radio operators. One feature, however, is roaming. Yes, you will be able to add roaming to a large MCU version of the PD362.

I want to talk about Mixed Mode Receive. With this capability added. You will be able to give a digital, or analog channel the ability to receive a signal in the other mode. This was added to support mixed mode operation of the repeaters. For clubs operating Hytera repeaters in Mixed Mode, this will be great. The radio will receive either mode so it’s easier on the operators.


Have fun with your PD362…let me know what fun features you find…