Since about 1995 I have had a Yahoo account. The only email I get there is spam, or someone in Ohio who keeps using my address.

I do have a couple of Yahoo groups I will miss, but not that much. I have always hated the way Yahoo groups work, it’s just too hard to follow threads.

The penultimate straw in the camel’s back was about a month ago when there was so much conversation about the MAJOR leak of user info. I changed my password, and setup two-factor authentication. I’ve logged into my account several times in the last month, on different computers, and not once has Yahoo gone through the two-factor process.

The ultimate staw happened today, I received a notice that my account was locked because of too many failed login attempts. There was a special code in the email I needed to use when logging in. I went to the Yahoo site and logged in without any issues. No code required.

I did check the authenticity of the email sender, and there were no links in the email itself. I don’t think it was a phishing attempt, it didn’t have the traditional link-to-the-wrong-site signature.

Further, and this isn’t related to security…but once I was logged in, the dashboard showed 18 new messages and 2 notifications. There were none of either.

Anyway, the Decision…I have deleted my account. I feel so much lighter now.

I feel sorry for Yahoo. They failed to innovate and evolve as a company. Now, they are struggling to survive. I guess this happens…